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Articles from around the web. For samples of white papers, pitch decks, technical writing, and other internal documentation, feel free to contact me.

Economics & Investing

What are Futures?-Robinhood 

A futures contract is a legal agreement between two parties to buy or sell a set amount of an asset at an agreed-upon future date — But the price is set today. Read more...


What is Keynesian Economics?-Robinhood 

Keynesian economics considers demand to be the driving force in an economy and argues that governments should take action — such as spending money and cutting taxes — to stimulate the economy in a recession. Read more...

What is Keynesian Economics? | Robinhood Learn | Suzanne Leigh

What is a Subsidy?-Robinhood 

Subsidies are financial assistance, typically provided by federal and state governments, to organizations, companies, or individuals to support certain economic activities or promote social goals. Read more...


Blockchain Technology

Fat Hubs are Better than Hub Minimalism-Hackernoon

Since 2020, the most noticeable trend in the crypto space is that Ethereum has scalability constraints. The trend has made more people realize that the future of the blockchain world will be an Internet of Blockchains. Read more…

Fat Hubs.png

When Game Meets Chain-NEAR Protocol

Before blockchain, service providers managed the mutable assets in video games, leaving no room for user control. As a result, in-game asset trading was rare.  Read more…

The Paradox of Gaming Network Effects | NEAR Protocol | Hackernoon | Suzanne Leigh | ZanLi

Fusotao Protocol Tackles DEX Challenges- Octopus Network

While DEXs embody the sovereign spirit behind cryptocurrency, there can be unpredictable costs to using a DEX that DEX developers consistently attempt to resolve with more innovative approaches. Read more…


NFT Technology

Picasso Enters the Metaverse-Unique.One

The artists we worship today are only great in our reality because we know about them. We’re aware of their provenance. But a child does not learn about Kandinsky through osmosis. The knowledge must be recorded somewhere and handed down. Read more…


Copyright Infringement and NFTs - Cointelegraph

It’s a sad fact that the very freedom and flexibility provided to creators by decentralized, permissionless NFT platforms can also attract abuse by bad actors. Read more…

Copyright infringement and NFTs | Suzanne Leigh for Unique.One | Cointelegraph

NFT Platform Returns Autonomy to Photographers-Cointelegraph

A new decentralized NFT platform vows to give back power and autonomy to photographers — enabling them to prove ownership of their work and avoid the hefty commissions charged by major online marketplaces. Read more…


Data Governance

GDPR: What US Companies Need to Know- SnapEngage

A common misconception by US companies is that the GDPR only applies to companies in Europe. If you’re a US company, GDPR directly applies to you today if you fall into one of these categories. Read more…

GDPR: What US Companies Need to Know | SnapEngage | Suzanne Leigh

Four Steps to Data Governance C-level Sponsorship-SnapEngage

Successful data governance needs a C-level sponsor who understands the business value of adopting a thorough data governance strategy versus the risks of kicking the can down the road. It may be up to you to convince them why.  Read more…


What is the HIPAA Privacy Rule During Covid-19? (FAQs)-SnapEngage

Many healthcare organizations may be confused about the HIPAA Privacy Rule during Covid-19. Let’s unpack this to answer healthcare organizations' most common questions.  Read more…


CRM Marketing

How to Use Agile Strategies for any Project-

This article will give you exactly what you need to use Agile strategic planning to boost the productivity of your teams, finish early, and save big on essential projects.  Read more…


What is (SEM) Search Engine Marketing ?-

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about SEM, including what makes it different from SEO and how you can apply SEM strategies successfully at your business.  Read more…

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